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Theology of Mission


Feed the Crave utilizes two tools to create environments where discipleship can happen.  We begin with an inductive study of Francis Chan's  “Multiply,”  coupled with Jesus' command to "Go into all the nations" in Matthew 28 and our approach to creating a culture of discipleship.  Multiply outlines what it looks like to BE a disciple and our approach to discipleship lays the crucial foundation that discipleship is each individual Christian's personal responsibility.

The second tool that Feed the Crave uses to create environments of discipleship is through “Life Groups.” Life Groups are the expression of missional communities, functioning through the rhythm of Up, In, and Out to bring about unity within the local church and a Kingdom presence around the world. As local churches incorporate the DNA of discipleship they are more fully able to go on mission together as they grow with, in, and through Christ.


The empowerment of Christians to live lives as the earthly representation of Jesus is what Feed the Crave is all about. Feed The Crave desires that the Church be actively involved in Kingdom transformation both locally and globally. In order to see transformation realized, FTC relies heavily on intentional leadership training through our discipleship process. Simplified, discipleship training goes through a four-phase process.

Phase One - Leaders from Feed the Crave teach local and global leaders through a process of Information, Imitation, and Innovation. Phase One relies on the concept of, “I do and you watch.” (Mark 1:15-20)
Phase Two, leaders from FTC continue to teach while the local and global leaders “help” in the process. In other words, “I do and you help.” (Luke 12:32-34)
Phase Three is a transformative phase as the local and global leaders transition into the teachers and leaders, and FTC “helps” them through the process. This is the idea of, “You do and I’ll help.” (John 15:12-17)
Phase Four becomes the Empowerment phase of the process when local and global leaders no longer need the help of FTC leaders, but continue to partner with us through ongoing relationships and we become a resource for these leaders as they repeat the process with other leaders. The circle becomes complete as “You do and I watch.” (Matthew 28:18-20)


Throughout the process of Equipping and Empowering, leaders from Feed the Crave meet with local and global leaders; not only teaching, but praying for them, visiting them in their locations, communicating through distance media, and serving as an ongoing resource. We encourage our leadership partners and celebrate what God is doing in, with, and through them in their respective communities. Throughout the process, we offer grace during moments of battle, and vision in times of breakthrough.

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