Jesus looked into His disciples eyes and gave them one more command before ascending into heaven. That command was one word. One word that would shape the way His disciples would impact the world with the message of Jesus. One word that would take those disciples and multiply themselves over and over again. One word that sets the body of Christ in motion. That word......GO! We are a sent people. Sent people are disciples and disciples multiply themselves.

Just as God sent the disciples in Matthew 28, He now sends us. We are on mission to our neighborhoods and to the neighborhoods across the globe.


If you are interested in joining us on an upcoming trip, contact Shaun.

Costa Rica- Dec 1-8-2022

Costa Rica- High school trip/summer 2023 TBA

Costa Rica - Family Trip/summer 2023 TBA

Costa Rica- June 5-12-2022

Columbia- Feb. TBA-2023