Short Term Trip

Our Short Term Mission Experience is designed to help you and your group take the next step in creating missional communities by working with you to lead your group on mission that is rooted in discipleship.

The Short Term Mission Experience has three levels of participation.

The Local Level

Building relationships with people in your local context by serving on a monthly basis as a community.

The Global Level

By partnering with Feed the Crave, you will be equipped and empowered to lead on mission that is in connection with global Christian communities. This gives you the opportunity to work alongside Christian brothers and sisters from different tongues, tribes, and nations in a personal and meaningful way.

The Individual Level

Feed the Crave mentors individuals in creating Christ-centered communities that are on mission fueled by the Gospel. Engaging in discipleship will encourage you to grow as a disciple.

Come With Us!!!

If you are interested in taking the next step and joining us on a short term trip, please download a trip application and email it to Shaun or complete a Trip Application HERE.